The wood features numerous “flaws” such as knots, open cracks and has a nonuniform surface. In addition, the range can also be supplied with metal inserted pieces, which creates a more “Vintage – old factory reclaimed”  look.

Thermally modified wood that is been treated in very high temperatures, making it extremely tough and stable in the presence of heat and humidity. Once and after treatment has been applied, this oak is suitable for interior and exterior use as well a suitable for under floor heating (UF spec. on request).


Available As A Solid Board Only

Code: 300+: Havana
Thickness: 22mm - 25mm
Random mixed width of 200-240-250-280-mm
With lengths between 2 and 3 meters
Cured to the core, weathered and distressed surface with rounded edges.  Board face will have some band sawn lines, a substantial amount of open cracks and rusty metal plates covering any over sized holes and cracks

£160m2 + vat